A small selection from Tattoo-Andy's private photo collection.

Andy, 14, in the process of giving Tommy Lindgren a tattoo in Halmstad in the early 70's. (The same Tommy Lindgren who is having a ship tattooed on his arm in the movie.)

Andy with his first "real" tattoo machine. Halmstad, 1976.

Andy at work at Tato-Jack's in 1977.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark in 1976.

Andy and Tato-Jack. Nyhavn, mid 70's.

Andy outside of Tato-Jack's studio. Nyhavn, mid 70's.

Tato-Jack, Tattoo-Oscar and Andy. Nyhavn 1976.

Andy at work at Tattoo-Ole. Nyhavn 1978.